Saturday, November 19, 2011

the feeling of a celebration:

on Saturday, December 10
A celebration of Lunar Chandelier Press:
@ 3PM

at Jose Pistolas
263 S 15th St

Vyt Bakaitis, a native of Lithuania, has been living in New York City since 1968. A book of his poems City Country appeared in 1991 (Black Thistle Press, NYC), and con/structs, his book of visual poems and photographs, came out in a limited edition in 2001 (Arunas K. Photo+Graphics, NYC). Vyt Bakaitis has also published translations of poetry from several languages, including his anthology Breathing Free: Poems from the Lithuanian. He has also published translations of poetry from several languages, with his versions of the classic Romantics Hölderlin and Mickiewicz included in World Poetry (W. W. Norton, 1998). His translations of the poems of Jonas Mekas were published as There Is No Ithaca (Black Thistle Press), with a foreword by Czeslaw Milosz, and as Daybooks (Portable Press at YoYo Labs). Deliberate Proof, a new collection of poems was published by Lunar Chandelier Press in 2010. A selection of his poems have just been published in the online journal, Eoagh.

Lynn Behrendt grew up in Pearl River, New York, and Chester, Vermont, and graduated from Bard College with a BA in Creative Writing. She is the author of four chapbooks: The Moon As Chance, Characters, Tinder, and Luminous Flux. Her most recent collection of poems is petals, emblems, published by Lunar Chandelier Press in 2010. Recently, she published two limited editions of her writing for Dusie: Acquiensece and This is a Story of Things that Happened. She co-edits the Annandale Dream Gazette, a chronicle of poets' dreams, as well as Peep/Show Poetry, an electronic journal of innovative serial works. She publishes limited edition handmade books under the Lines Chapbooks imprint in Red Hook, New York, where she lives and works as a freelance writer and editor.

Joe Elliot ran a weekly reading series at Biblios Bookstore and CafĂ© in NYC for 5 years, starting in the early 90¹s, and helped move the series to the Zinc Bar where it continues. He co-edited two chapbook series: A Musty Bone and Situations, which published authors such as Antje Katcher, Paul Genega, Duncan Nichols, Mitch Highfill, Rich O¹Russa, Douglas Rothschild, Shannon Ketch, Lisa Jarnot, Bill Luoma, Kevin Davies, Marcella Durand, Rick Snyder, and many others. Joe is the author of numerous chapbooks including: You Gotta Go In It¹s The Big Game, Poems To Be Centered On Much Much Larger Sheets Of Paper, 15 Clanking Radiators, 14 Knots, Reduced, Half Gross (a collaboration with artist John Koos), and Object Lesson (a collaboration with artist Rich O¹Russa). Granary Books published If It Rained Here, a collaboration with artist Julie Harrison. His work has appeared in many magazines, including The World, The Poker, Giants Play Well In The Drizzle, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Torque, Hanging Loose, Eoagh, Occo, Boog Lit, and Arras. His long poem, 101 Designs for The World Trade Center, was published by Faux Press¹ e-mag ( (, and a collection of his work, Opposable Thumb, was published by subpress in 2006. His most recent collection of poems, Homework, was published by Lunar chandelier Press in 2010.

Kimberly Lyons’ most recent book of poetry is Phototherapique (Ketalanche Press/Portable Press). A new collection of poems, Rouge, is forthcoming from Instance Press. Her poems have recently appeared in Peep/Show Poetry, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Zen Monster, Aufgabe, Unarmed, New American Writing, and Talisman. Her essay on Bernadette Mayer’s Studying Hunger was published in Aufgabe. Camille Martin wrote recently of Lyons's work in Galectica Resurrects: "her themes of disintegration and disappearance remind us of the temporality of creation: in short, a memento mori at the heart of the phantasmagorical parade." Kimberly Lyons has long been associated with the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church and can be found there almost any New Year’s Day at the marathon, selling chili and beer. She is organizing a celebration of the visual work of Basil King to be held in 2012. She is the publisher of Lunar Chandelier Press.

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