Monday, June 27, 2011

The museum of feelings:

on Sunday, July 10th
Jacob Russell, MC Hyland and Stephanie Anderson

Jose Pistolas
263 S 15th St

JACOB RUSSELL lives in South Philly where he writes, plays barroom pool, and grows tomatoes and basil in the little strip of a garden in front of his apartment. His work has been performed by InterAct Theatre and appeared in Criiphoria 2, Conversational Poetry Quarterly, BlazeVox, Scythe, Salmagundi, dcomP Mag, Pindeldeyboz, Clockwise Cat and other literary venues. He’s currently working to complete a second novel and seeking a publisher for a MS of poetry. He manages the literary blog: Jacob Russell’s Barking Dog.

MC HYLAND is the author of Neveragainland (Lowbrow Press, 2010), and chapbooks including Every Night In Magic City (H_NGM_N, 2010), Residential, As In (Blue Hour Press, 2009) and (with Kate Lorenz and Friedrich Kerksieck) the hesitancies (Small Fires Press, 2006). She lives in Minneapolis, where she runs DoubleCross Press and the Pocket Lab Reading Series, and works at Minnesota Center for Book Arts.

STEPHANIE ANDERSON is the author of four chapbooks: A Spot A Scheme (forthcoming from Cinematheque Press), The Nightyard (Noemi Press), The Choral Mimeographs (dancing girl press), and In the Particular Particular (New Michigan Press). She currently lives in Chicago, where she edits the micropress Projective Industries and is poetry editor of the Chicago Review.

is studying Creative Writing and Film Studies at Agnes Scott College and interning at Kelly Writers House this summer.

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