Thursday, June 23, 2011

when the poems are feelings we like it

on Saturday, June 25th
Kevin Holden, Anne-Adele Wight & Catilin LaCourse Ryan

Jose Pistolas
263 S 15th St

Poet and critic Kevin Holden has visited, talked with, and read poetry to Bard students. He is currently a PhD student in Comparative Literature at Yale. Kevin’s BA in literature at Harvard was followed by an MPhil at Cambridge and an MFA at Iowa, where Kevin was also a visiting assistant professor. Kevin’s interests in queer theory, class, anti-racism, and social justice are combined with interests in avant-garde poetics and translating poetry from Russian and French.

Anne-Adele Wight is a surrealist who experiments with different styles. She is the author of two chapbooks. A third, The Black Dog, Time is forthcoming. Anne-Adele’s work has appeared in American Writing, The Dariens, Mad Poets Review, Philadelphia Writers Conference Anthology Poets, Philadelphia Poets, Shrike, and Tabula Rosa. She has read at many local venues. She is Vice-President of the longest continuous Philadelphia Poetry Series Organization, Poets and Prophets. In her daily life, she works as an editor, living with one husband and two cats.

Caitlin LaCourse Ryan is pretty darn excited to be at a big fancy poetry reading. She goes to Temple where she studies the Earth, works someplace where she makes sandwiches, sings the blues on the sidewalk, and generally writes poetry on post-its or with the magnets on the refrigerator. One day she'll be published and have a better bio. She would like to thank Michelle Taransky for believing in her and Grammy & Poppy for everything.

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